Cool Games Like ROBLOX

13 Cool Games Like ROBLOX You Can Play

The Roblox Sandbox has become an almost perfect creative training ground for gamers of all ages. But there are alternative games – similar to Roblox’s picture, gameplay, concept, but still different. You will find a list of these games in this collection.



And also now you once more wander along with the savannah aircraft made of blocks. In the process, you burrow a little in the ground in the hope of locating something valuable in the midsts. You have actually not yet climbed up so far, and there is no certainty that you are lingering the corner. A mountain increases ahead and, as opposed to your own understanding, you start to climb it. Greater, higher, up until ultimately, you get to the top, as well as your view opens up so gorgeous that the soul shivers with delight.

What could be there? Obviously, the colossal statuary of the so unpopular by numerous Skrepysh, an assistant from Microsoft Office. Minecraft can in some cases be like that.

Like Roblox, Minecraft is a sandbox for testing the boundaries of your imagination, offering you with the devices to build what your heart needs. A few of the developments of the gamers are so spectacular that they do not even think in them, but also for a lot of us, it’s sufficient to have a roof covering over our heads to hide from creepers during the night. Seriously, these creatures really scare me.



What’s Garry’s Mod? Actually, it will be exactly what you make of it? Import models from any sport on the Source engine, and do with them whatever you like. Unbelievably customizable and delightfully pointless fun. It all depends on your strategy and, of course, on the time spent.


If you do not know where to begin, a quick review of The Steam Workshop will show you exactly what possible Garry’s Mod has. After that, people start to understand that this isn’t so much a game as a platform for making their own game. Easy! Crazy racing! The investigation of this terrible murder? Well, actually, this is a joke, but if you attempt to stick to some traditions, then that is possible.



Only one look at the annotation to Growtopia, and you will understand what you’re dealing with: a multiplayer sandbox platformer with crafting. There are no goals, just an infinite number of worlds where you and your friends create what your soul desires. The majority of the objects in Growtopia grow on trees – lava, mud, and even with rocket packs.

That’s right, girls and boys, here you are the creators of your own amusement. The processor with the trees is amusing, though it raises some questions. For instance, the possibility of the existence of a lava tree.

Growtopia is a free-to-play MMO created specifically for”cellular” gamers, and at precisely the exact same time, it is a good candidate to replace the annoying Roblox. And don’t allow the unfamiliar names of the programmers to scare you; in 2017, the writer of Ubisoft thought about purchasing them. And if it is good enough for men and women who have made the world happy with Rabid Rabbits, then even more so for us.


kerbal space programme

If You’re tired of Roblox, then it is time to turn your Focus on something… different, such as the Kerbal Space Program, which won’t just find the application of your imagination, but even expand your consciousness. Well, and besides, the Karbalas are such adorable creatures.

Among the most attractive features of the game is its If you always wanted to go into space, but, unfortunately, did not turn into one of these eccentric billionaires who have the ability to devote a mountain of cash on such an idea, then you need to look at Karbala.

And do not worry, all the terrible wrecks in this sport will Cost you neither life nor health, and you won’t even need to put up with the cold loneliness of outer space. The game has a mod (meaningless, Accurate ) for Halloween pumpkins. How do you like that, Elon Musk?


littlebigplanet-3Build your site, set your own rules, share it with the neighbourhood, observe how their hatred towards you for the treachery and revenge grows. The LittleBigPlanet series gives the opportunity to play the muscles of the designer, using a set of colourful levels, competitions, amplifications, ropes and swimming. In the next part of the game, several comrades join Sackboy: OddSock can jump over walls, Swoop can fly, and Tool can alter his size to adapt to the circumstance.

If you suddenly left the muse of creativity (which, in the long run, happens to all us), you can try your hands at a very, very difficult single-player effort. Perhaps you spy on it ideas for your own creations. We certainly won’t tell anyone about this.



An endless sandbox from the LEGO world in which you can create, study, explore and invent. The game enables you to create huge worlds, fill them with adventure and share your creations with others. Needless to say, you may also use content created by other users.

What can be achieved at LEGO Worlds? Yes, anything: construct your world with a well-developed editor, populate it with character models and make it with various objects, come up with story missions, play LEGO sets from the actual world and so on. There’s a lot of content and a lot of freedom, and if you’re looking for something very similar to Roblox, then this connect x box game will certainly suit you.


portal knights

A sandbox game in which you can travel through different worlds, fight with enemies, collect loot and trophies to equip your home.

Portal Knights present a variety of universes which you can browse through portals, and the cooperative mode will open up for you exciting collective adventures. Moreover, the game boasts a creative manner where you can create entire islands, magnificent castles and large-scale cities with virtually no limitations.



A free game that can give a lot of vivid impressions to people who plunge into its own world. Large open locations, crafting and construction systems, cooperative, many unique biomes – Creativerse definitely looks like the iconic Minecraft, as well as the equally popular Roblox. And this is the ideal complement for playing a game of this genre


space enginers

If the”mundane” adventures of Roblox seem somewhat to you, have a trip into space in the unusual sandbox of Space Builders. Here you will build space foundations and ships, extract resources, live and fight for the wealthiest planets and asteroids. The game involves greater freedom of action, extensive gameplay capabilities and a huge number of mechanics, from construction to shootings

10. Trove


In this free”block” MMORPG, you and your buddies can explore the dungeons, fight monsters and hunt for treasures. Trove permits you to choose a character class and visit the vast world that will give you impressive freedom. Build and destroy, learn skills and create weapons, challenge other players and make acquaintances – few sandboxes can be so enjoyable.




Minecraft-inspired voxel sport where you can explore the world, break and collect cubes, create gear, build buildings and even tame monsters which will assist you in your adventures. The game is free and allows players to share created content, which leads to some parallels with Roblox


Another sandbox that can drag players out for many months, as a result of the nearly unlimited possibilities for creating virtual worlds. That you can share with the community, of course. Despite the somewhat crude image, Kogama is very successful – in particular, because of the fact that it is available free of charge and works directly in the browser, without requiring the installation of a matching client.


Dreams isn’t so much a sport as a platform for creativity, allowing you to use rich tools to make worlds and whole games in a wide variety of genres – from platformers to online shooters. In skilful hands, this project is capable of miracles, and it is truly the case once the title (in English-language localization, the game is known as”Dreams”) fully reflects the content.

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